Have you put renovating into the the ‘too hard’ basket? Well, let’s make it easy… you don’t need to do a big budget renovation to freshen up your living space. Simply inject some colour!

  1. Add flowers or plants

If you don’t decorate with floral arrangements, then start! Flowers are the quickest and easiest way to add colour and vibrancy to a room. And you can pick different flowers for a different vibe year-round!

Flowers not your thing? Choose succulents or hanging house plants to add new life to your indoor spaces.

  1. Accent cushions

Cushions get tired and saggy (don’t we all?!) and can let the mood down too. Cushions are great for new textures and pops of colour.

Recover the cushions you have or pick out some new additions.

  1. Create a feature wall

Feature walls are still trendy and a great way to add fun hues or a modern twist to a room.

Wallpaper works well as a feature wall too. Floral, geometric, graphic, there are so many options. And, you can go wild without the paint splatter!

  1. Add new drapes or blinds

Old drapes or blinds can really dampen the mood of a room, and they collect dust and odours.

Light coloured fabrics can add lightness and brightness. Patterns can add a whole lot of vibrancy.

  1. Paint a piece of furniture, or two!

Do you have a piece of furniture that could come alive with a coat of colour?

Painting or wall papering the back surface of a bookshelf can also give a hint of colour and breathe new life into otherwise dark places.

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