With the long days of summer becoming a distant memory – it’s time to get prepared and get cosy this winter. We have come up with a few ways to ready your home for the changing season, while helping to ward off that winter chill…

There is nothing more inviting than sinking in to a soft, relaxing sofa in the colder months – bump up the comfort level by adding some luxurious throw rugs or blankets in warming winter fabrics such as wool, velvet or a chunky cable knit, add some textural cushions in heavier fabrics and you’ll instantly brighten and warm your living spaces. Don’t just limit the winter makeover treatment to your living areas though – extend it to your bedrooms as well, for a home you’ll never want to leave!

Lounge with fireplace

With natural light lacking in the colder months, brighten up your rooms by adding pops of cosy lighting with lamps and clusters of candles. Bring out your diffusers to help humidify your space, add some warming scents such as lavender, vanilla or cinnamon to complete your winter décor.

Perhaps one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add warmth and to keep heat in is through your window coverings. Before you break out those power-hungry heaters, one of the first things you should look at are your curtains.

Getting proper insulating curtain linings can make a significant difference to your home in winter, helping to create a cosy environment that you will be happy to come home to.

How do curtain linings assist in keeping your home warm?

  • Linings can keep your home toasty and warm on those chilly days by reducing the heat lost through your windows. In winter, up to 40 percent of your home’s heat can leak out through the windows affecting your energy costs.
  • When you install good curtains and linings, you can retain heat by insulating the room by trapping a layer of air between the fabric and the window.
  • Heavier drapes and layered curtains are particularly good at helping to seal in the warmth.

Follow these handy tips to create a welcoming winter space this season!

Bedroom cushion closeup

We would be thrilled to assist you in making the right decisions when it comes to your interior design and window treatment solutions.