Clean, modern, evolving contemporary interior design

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Contemporary interiors are subtly sophisticated, defined by simplicity, deliberate use of texture and clean lines. Focusing on colour, space and shapes, contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh.

Neutral colours, black and white, are a signature of the contemporary design style.

The palette often accented with bright and bold accessories.

Clean lines are the most distinctive element of the contemporary style. Straight, vertical, horizontal or curved lines are strongly visible in architectural details. Use of bold colour, high ceilings, minimalist window dressings and geometric shapes in light fittings, artwork, sculptures and furniture pieces. Less is more…

Structural elements are often showcased. Brick work can provide texture and stability, while exposed metal pipes are perfectly acceptable in contemporary-style interiors, adding a stylish industrial feel.

Furniture makes a bold statement, but is simple and uncluttered. Chair legs are often exposed. Think basic, bare, bold and structural. Upholstery is black, white or other neutral tones –  using natural materials like wool, cotton, linen, silk or jute for texture. A variety of shaped cushions inject interest, colour and texture.

Floors are usually bare and smooth, in wood, tile or vinyl. Carpet or rugs can add colour or texture.

Generous use of metal, stone and glass works well in contemporary décor, while large plants and flowers add more drama, colour, shape and texture. Just remember to keep it simple.

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