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Calm. Natural. Coastal.

The use of a neutral colour scheme in the context of interior design, usually means minimalist décor and without colour. Often, neutrals create a sense of serenity.

Decorating with a neutral colour scheme often creates longevity for an interior space – it is a classic look that does not age easily.

An open plan is usually important. Neutral interiors demand rational use of space. You can achieve a cosy minimalist home by choosing a few quality and contemporary furniture pieces, simple décor, de-cluttering and a soft hue colour palette.

Neutral interior design is all about texture, a vital element of creating warmth and a welcoming space.  Think natural window treatments like soft linen drapes, straw light fittings, baskets, modern furniture with concise lines, touchable cushions, different wood grains and plush rugs.

Neutral colours, sometimes called earth tones, include beige, ivory, taupe, cream, grey, olive and whites. These colours can have undertones that need to be considered. For example, taupe may have purple or pink undertones. You will need to take this into account as you select your neutral colour palette.

Neutral interiors lend themselves to incorporating your own personal style – the neutral colour palette can be a great back drop for dramatic accents like vibrant pieces of art or furniture pieces.

Done well, neutral interior design can create mesmerising living spaces. It is practical, long-lasting and functional design.

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