In-home colour consultations by the experts

As in-home colour consultants, we can assist you in choosing an effective and personalised colour scheme to suit your taste, lifestyle and the interior of your home.

Why do I need a colour consultation? 

Choosing the right colour combinations to suit your individual taste, as well as the style of a home is vital if you want to create a unified look and feel.

If the thought of choosing the right wallpaper, curtain fabric, paint colour or even redesigning a room seems like a daunting task, then getting a colour consultant to assist you in making more informed decisions is advisable.

Perhaps you are unsure about what colour would best enhance your room or furnishings?

That is where we can offer guidance and advice. For in-home colour consultancy and to create your bespoke look, we offer a wide range of experience and plenty of fresh ideas. We would love to assist!

We offer a range of interior design packages to suit individual needs.

A colour consultation with Tenille Dyer Interiors is normally done in your home – one of our team will visit you to get a better understanding of your personal taste, ideas and requirements.

With a better understanding of who you are and what you require, we can advise on a cost for your design package, which normally includes recommendations for paint colour, fabric, window treatment options, wallpaper and soft and hard furnishings.

First, let’s meet. Book a no-obligation consultation today.