Treat your windows to custom blinds, curtains, and shutters

We offer a full range of custom-made curtains (drapes), roller blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds and shutters.

If you think about it, dressing windows is one of the most integral interior design decisions you’ll make in any room.

At the same time, window treatments are a big investment, be sure to get the right advice and use the right materials to make that investment worthwhile and long lasting.

A window is often the focal point of a room.

So, take extra care and consideration when choosing between curtains, blinds or shutters, as well as colours and materials – because your window treatment decisions will affect the final look, feel and use of the room.

That is where we come in! We sit down with you to determine how you would like to dress each window, ensuring the windows can accommodate the style you’re hoping to achieve.

We’ll also ask you the purpose of your window treatments, in other words, do you want insulation, privacy or heat filtering, block out curtains for light control, solar protection or even sound control? And what is your budget?

Armed with this information, we’ll look at fabrics and materials, colours and textures together. Then, we will measure up and send you a quotation.

Properly fitted window treatments are imperative to getting the most benefit for you.

For example, if your window treatment objective is insulation, we’ll need to ensure the material is tightly fitted to minimise air gaps and to add as many layers or insulating thicknesses as your budget allows.

It’s a fact that curtains with separate liners perform better than thermal curtains, while honeycomb blinds perform better than most other blinds or curtains if what you are wanting to achieve is heat retention.

Making a window covering solution for an unusually shaped window or door is something we do too.

We custom-make window treatments for any window shape or door, these will be custom-manufactured to suit the space and enhance the overall feel of your room.

Where possible, our custom-made curtains and blinds are New Zealand made.

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