If you’re thinking about blinds as your next window treatment option, why not consider looking at Thermacell™ (also known as Honeycomb) blinds.

The interest in this fantastic product has been phenomenal! Not only is it ideal for winter, with it’s amazing insulating properties – keeping in warmth and assisting to reduce heating costs, it also acts as a UV control and helps to prevent heat entering your home in summer.

Thermacell™ Blinds are such a versatile option;

  • With a range of different fabric types available – sheer, light filtering, room darkening, designer and flame resistant (perfect for commercial interiors), there is an option to suit every interior space.
  • Available in different cell sizes for aesthetic and heat retention purposes – ranging from 25 to 62mm, single and double cell options.
  • Several design types and operational methods are available – from a Standard Corded type, through to a Speciality Design type. There is even an option for a Smartrise, Cordless blind (ideal for use around children).

The ideal blind solution for any interior!

We would be thrilled to assist you in making the right decisions when it comes to your interior blinds.

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Thermacell Blinds