When considering interior design, many factors spring to mind to create that perfect interior – the right colours, textures, drapes and throws. Equally as important, but sometimes overlooked is one of the key elements for creating that beautiful and practical space we all dream of – lighting!

Lighting can really tie a space together – it can help to define separate spaces within a room, create ambience or help to promote productivity.

Perhaps one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to change up your lighting is with a lamp.

Whether that’s a table, bedside or freestanding lamp – there is no shortage of options available.

Lighting in lounge

Consider these 4 different types of lighting when making your lighting choices:

  • Ambient – A softer light that diffuses light equally in a room. Think romantic setting/soft mood lighting/creating a comfortable atmosphere.
  • General – Used to illuminate a whole area. This can be a combination of many sources (recessed, surface, or pendant fixtures). This type of lighting is used widely in kitchen spaces.
  • Task/Directional – Commonly used to light a particular area, such as in an office whilst working or when reading. Focuses light where required – this enables general lighting to be reduced.
  • Accent – Illuminates a particular area or object, such as artwork – creating visual interest in a room. Accent lighting can also be used in a practical setting – shining light on stairwells or walkways.

From classic through to modern – consider your style when selecting your lighting choice. The right lighting can rejuvenate your décor and even become another piece of artwork in your room.

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