When warmer weather looms, turn your attention to the outdoors. Your outdoor living area should be considered an extension of your home, providing extra space for entertaining or relaxing.

Good design doesn’t end with the interior of your home, so where to start when you are looking to create an amazing outdoor living space? At the same time ensuring your indoor and outdoor spaces will communicate harmoniously?

Consider what you are using the area for; do you want to create a zone for dining, relaxing or entertaining?

Your design choices can evolve from this. Once you have decided how your area is going to work, you can start to have some fun with your choices!

Summer Outdoor Furniture floral pattern

Let’s talk about some of the ways you can make your outdoor area shine…

1. Furniture selection:

This requires careful consideration. From dining tables and chairs, to sofas, inbuilt deck seating or casual hammocks or chairs, the choices are exciting and varied.

And, with a mixture of materials available (wood, wicker, resin, or aluminium) you are spoilt for choice.

2. Outdoor fabrics:

The right outdoor fabric on your squabs, cushions or seats can really transform your space. From tribal patterns, bright vibrant colours, or more muted, earthy tones – there is something to please every taste.

Choosing a robust, UV protected fabric, that can really perform and stand up to the New Zealand climate will ensure that they will last for years to come. Expert advice would be invaluable here, helping you make the right fabric choices. You want fabrics that will not only look and feel beautiful in your space but will also stand the test of time.

3. Lighting:

A key element to any successful outdoor area is lighting. Just as you would indoors, consider which areas you want to enhance, those you want to keep dimly lit and the spaces you want to sparkle! A well-designed lighting plan can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Solar lights
– using only the energy from the sun to charge during the day – can illuminate an area for up to 8 hours or more!  Use them to light up pathways, decks and steps.

Or go a step further and create some visual interest by uplighting your landscaping. Mounted on a flat surface or simply placed in the ground, this clever lighting option is a perfect choice for your outdoor area.

String lights – this versatile lighting option is easy to use and can be installed in next to no time.  From fairy lights to globe lighting, solar, LED or filament bulbs.

Wrapped around umbrellas or trees, strung across your dining space or a feature wall of twinkling lights – you can create your own magical wonderland, with a festive canopy of light. Perfect all year round!

Candles or lanterns – probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to bring light to your outdoor area is with candles or lanterns.

Set up clusters of pillar candles, or sprinkle tea lights across your dining table for a relaxed and ambient look. Use citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay.

Vintage or modern lanterns can be used to create a stylish and practical space to relax.

4. Plants and accessories:

These are the final pieces of your puzzle. Create visual interest by grouping potted plants in varying sizes together – draw inspiration from your fabric, go bold or use soft whites or creams to make a dreamy space.

A perfectly placed vase, bursting with blooms on your dining table will create a stunning centrepiece.

Bright squabs, cushions or seats can transform your outdoor space

Tie it all together with pillows, throw rugs and glassware – and you’ll have the perfect set up for a garden party or poolside cocktail!

We would be thrilled to assist you with advice on outdoor fabrics and accessories.